Appointing Rangnick would also likely see a shift back towards the early days of the Postecoglou era, when they tried to break through opponents swiftly in order to create opportunities to get the ball into the penalty box in quick time.

The fundamental consideration of all potential candidates, however, is whether they will continue in a similar vein to the previous era tactically. Postecoglou’s mantra – never take a backwards step – was constantly instilled in the players as their way of playing.

To appoint someone who is ideologically opposed to this is, to put it simply, a backwards step. If the FFA move in this direction, it perhaps illuminates the reasons behind Postecoglou’s surprise departure.

If, though, the governing body is genuine about continuing the Postecoglou legacy, then any one of these four candidates can, in some way, learn from it, build on it and most importantly, evolve it.