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A-League 13-14 previews: Melbourne Victory

In his first season at the Victory, Ange Postecoglou quickly established a framework for one of the most intriguing and thrilling tactical systems the league has ever seen. In simple terms, the most advanced players in the 4-2-2-2 formation were a foil for wide forwards Marco Rojas and Archie Thompson, who darted into the space vacated by Guilherme Finkler and Marcos Flores in central positions. The cohesion and understanding between the front four, and especially between Rojas and Thompson, was remarkable – but importantly, the system also encouraged individual creativity, and Rojas particularly flourished.

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A-League 13-14 previews: Brisbane Roar

There are effectively three broad phases to the history of Brisbane Roar in the A-League – the pre-Postecoglou era, the Postecoglou era, and the post-Postecoglou era. Their poor results and performances in the phases without him illustrate how important he was to their incredible success during the October 2009 to April 2012 period, and it’s up to Mike Mulvey to buck the trend.

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Australia vs. Iraq: tactical preview

Even without the context of a war-torn nation, Iraq would be hugely difficult to summarise – not only have they experienced great turmoil with their coaches, with Vladimir Petkovic seemingly on the cusp of the sack for failing to secure to qualification only months after Zico was fired, but they’ve also lost their two most important players, Younis Mahmoud and Nashat Akram, both withdrawing on the eve of this World Cup qualifier.

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